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Tuscan villas

The Great Estate Real Estate Group has 5 offices in Umbria and Tuscany, thanks to important network of real estate partners in these areas, from the regional capitals to the beautiful lakes, through to romantic Venice.

Abroad, the presence of our Tuscan villas has no equal. In the last two years, two new international Russian and German sectors have been opened. The two new teams of the Great Estate Real Estate Group have 4 native speakers that deal respectively with the Russian and German market. The Great Estate Real Estate Group also boasts an English-speaking sector, as well as French and Dutch native speakers.

All sectors of the Great Estate Real Estate Group, due to more sophisticated advertising channels, such as web portals, newspapers and an extensive network of collaboration with other real estate agencies has become a valuable reference point for all international clients who are searching for Tuscan villas.
These multiple channels allow the Great Estate Real Estate Group to make known our real estate database quickly to a selection of international purchasers and investors, allowing a direct and immediate access to the wealthiest buyers without the intervention of additional intermediaries.
The Great Estate Real Estate Group also is an important enabler in being a reference point for overseas property investment, and to expand the already strong extensive database of sellers and purchasers who rely on an elite international clientele interested in investing in our beautiful Tuscan villas.

The majesty and luxury of our Tuscan villas is another area that offers the opportunity for significant real estate investments. The Great Estate Real Estate Group take you on a quality journey when purchasing a Tuscan villas, thanks to the wide variety of Tuscan villas on offer.

The Tuscan villas are located in luxurious surroundings, bordered by beautiful parks, and usually these Tuscan villas are surrounded by extensive Italian gardens with lush mazes and labyrinths. The Tuscan villas interior, do not disappoint either, with coffered ceilings, significant staircases, precious chandeliers and fine furniture are present in abundance and offer the Tuscan villas a touch of nuance of the royalty and nobility.

As well as these types of Tuscan villas, the Great Estate Real Estate Group also boasts a wide selection of Tuscan villas by the sea.
The Tuscan villas by the sea enjoy superb views overlooking the surrounding landscape in addition to offering stunning views overlooking the crystal clear sea.
The Tuscan villas are surrounded by many relaxation areas, with hammocks, seating area, gazebos and verandas perfectly in line with the elegance and sophistication of these Tuscan villas, where you can enjoy the tranquil green scenery and relaxing atmosphere that is on offer. What makes some of these most elite Tuscan villas is many still have exclusive access to a private beach; this is certainly gives these Tuscan villas a significant "plus" point and added benefit.
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