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Tuscan houses

The careful selection of properties, carried out by professionals in the Great Estate Real Estate Group, focuses on the best location of Tuscan houses for sale within the chosen target area. For this reason, the Great Estate Real Estate Group has made significant investment in photographic services, marketing plans and communication strategies concerning the selling and purchasing of Tuscan houses to optimize offers and demand within the target market.

The Great Estate Real Estate Group has an important sales team responsible for the various international sectors, as well as a group of professionals who perform the essential daily ‘back office’ tasks.
This gives us professional visibility and trust among our clients who are selling and purchasing luxury Tuscan houses.
The whole group is led by its Managing Director Stefano Petri who, daily, shares with the team at Great Estate the values of fairness, professionalism and availability.
These are then deployed in the selling and purchasing process. This allows us to offer an exceptional added value services, such as in-depth detailed analysis of the potential as well as any issues associated with the Tuscan houses, structural technical reports on Tuscan houses, and, last but not least, the return on investment over a short period of time.

The decision to sell or purchase a house is one of life’s important decisions. The national and international clients who entrust us with the selling and purchasing of Tuscan houses, find within the Great Estate Real Estate Group an organized structure to expertly manage important negotiations with integrity and professionalism for clients both nationally and internationally who are selling or purchasing Tuscan houses.
We aim to be the best and we are proud of the Tuscan houses that we manage and our results.
Together with the range of Tuscan houses for sale, restored with great care and characterized by architectural elements inspired by local tradition, the Great Estate Real Estate Group offers a wide range Tuscan houses for sale to be restored.
Our Tuscan houses to purchase are synonymous with prestige and are usually located in particularly attractive settings The professionalism of our staff, which now boasts more than 30 consultants, provides our international clientele with a first class world service in the purchasing and selling of Tuscan houses.
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