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Services for the vendor

In a market that is constantly changing, the Great Estate Chesterton Real Estate Group’s goal is to advise the seller of the real market value of their property and to identify potential buyers. Our aim is to find the right buyer who appreciates the history of your property.

Our strength is in the marketing of luxury farmhouses, luxury villas, apartments in historic town centres, castles, hamlets in regions such as Tuscany, Umbria, Sardinia, Lazio, Marche, Liguria, the areas of Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda and northern Italy. In addition to cities like Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan.


One of our group’s professionals, prior to the property inspection, we will take great care to explain the entire process of purchasing a property and placing it in the various advertising channels that the group offer. This first step is important to understand how many and what means of communication the group can offer its clients.

The property valuation

Our goal is to provide the best service for our clientele. For each property we will carry out a valuation report (see attached file) and propose the best plan and advice for marketing your property.
The valuation will be based on the property markets at the time. This valuation will dictate the real market value of the property.
The valuation (see attached file) is free of charge if the property owner agrees and signs the contract of consent with our agency. Failing that, the seller will be charged € 500 for properties valued up to 2 million and € 1,000 for properties above 2 million. Prior to the inspection of the property, the owner will sign a property valuation sheet. It is not the agency’s policy to work on undertakings that differ by more than 10% from the true market valuation prepared by us and the price requested by the seller.

The Survey

First, we carry out an inspection of the property by assessing its’ strengths and weaknesses. We complete, together with the owner, the unique "identity card of the property" (see attached file) ) aimed at acquiring all the essential property information.
Prior to the inspection we will need to see all the relevant documentation (see attached file) pertaining to the property.( title deeds, floor plans, both of the property and land, property registration and permissions)

Sale Contracts

The agency operates primarily with exclusive contracts (see attached file) but in special cases will evaluate whether to accept non-exclusive contracts. The exclusive contract stipulates that Great Estate Real Estate Agency has the sole responsibility for the property sale. This allows both the owner and the agency to better organize the process of marketing and the selling of the property. The non-exclusive contract (see attached file) allows the seller to be free to make private negotiations or to entrust the property sale to other real estate agents as well.
With this non-exclusive contract, the owner is required to update the agency about any ongoing negotiations. Our agency does not work on verbal contracts.
The percentages applied by the Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group are 4% for exclusive contracts and 5% for non-exclusive contracts. Both types of contracts will be supported by a specific marketing plan with a minimum share of €1,500 plus VAT on the part of the seller.

Property Brochure

After acquiring the property we will design a sales brochure with a detailed report highlighting the specific individual characteristics of the property. The report will be prepared, not only in Italian and English, but also in Russian, German, Dutch and Chinese.

Photo service

Photographs are essential when selling your property. For this, we have an in-house photographer and a graphic designer who carries out all the art work for each property. Short video films of your property can also be arranged.

Property verification

This initial procedure is essential to outline the profile of the property and to resolve any issues that might affect the success of the sale. These checks are based, primarily, on planning permissions etc., relevant certificates and property tax matters. It will also be necessary for a report to be drawn up by a technical adviser containing the following information:
A Technical report carried out by a registered professional confirming the compliance of urban planning matters, property registration matters and the conformity of all electrical, plumbing and heating installations including the following details:
-Date of property construction including a list of all relevant planning consents, complete with accurate floor plans.
-Copy of all property registration documentation ( D.L.31.5.2010 n.78)
-Certificate of habitation “abitabilità/agibilità”
-European Energy Classification Certificate
-Copy of the following Certificates or reason for non possession:
    • Compliance certificate for electrical installation
    • Compliance Certificate for plumbing and heating installations.
    • Boiler maintenance booklet
    • Compliance Certificate for connection to mains sewerage
-Property search document, copy of Title and any relevant legal or financial charges or liens etc.

Report work - Statistics online

The dialogue with our sellers is most important. We believe that it is our job to give advice daily to clients’ to share with them how the market is responding to their property and what actions can be put in place to facilitate the sale. It is for this reason that from January 2014 after many years of study and major investment, we have created an advanced tool for property that matches the on-line statistics.

Each seller, with their own unique password, can directly access their property schedule on our website, supervise and share the great work done by the group through the vision of a series of indicators that are truly cutting edge which has two fundamental purposes. The first is to make the client understand the advertising and marketing work that is done by the group that is unique in Italy. The second, and most important, is to monitor the response of the current market, analyze what the market says and then take the decision to amend or supplement the marketing of the property if necessary. View the statistics online in order to better understand the important work done by the group and the communication with the seller.