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Our team of specialized property consultants

Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group has an excellent sales team, and in most cases responsible for the various international sectors as indicated below. This is as well as a group of professionals who daily carry out the back office work aimed at professional visibility of all properties clients entrust with us. The group is led by its Managing Director, Stefano Petri, who daily instils to his Great Estate team, the values of fairness, professionalism and availability.

This is in addition to 5 other professionals who are based at Chesterton international headquarters in London involved in promoting the properties acquired by our staff in Italy, with consultants working in about 70 agencies, for an international clientele of the highest level.

Managing Director

Stefano Petri

Head of International

Elisa Biglia

Head of Agency Network

Riccardo Luculli

Office Co-ordinator

Valentina Fabbrizzi

International Sales Co-ordinator

Stefano Calafà & Roberto Biggera

International Property Consultant

Stephen Crowther

Russian Desk

Yaroslav Popov & Natalia Kazmina

Ukrainian Office Co-ordinatoor

Vladyslav Popov & Yaroslav Popov

German Desk

Natalia Kazmina

Dutch Desk

Suzanne Van Ravestain

China Desk

Simone Vicari & We lei

Agricultural Estates and Vineyard Specialist

Michele Bean

Agency Network Co-ordinator

Chiara Peppicelli

Italian Property Consultant

Chiara Pompili & Valter Luciani

Accounts Office Co-ordinator

Angelina Cocca

Graphics and Photographer

Silvia Piovanello

Videographer and Photographer

Mattia Rossi

Property Valuation Specialist

Giacomo Buonavita

Property Title Verification Clerk

Carla Caselli

It Engineer

Ing. Daniele Bagnai


Antonio Maprosti

Press Office

Alessandra Conforti