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todi (perugia)

The primary objective of Sain Barth Colony is to deliver a unique and stylish “boutique look” to living spaces. With his own strong, young and refined furniture line created after a deep and long market research and a meticulous study of design and materials.
We manufacture our merchandise in various countries of the world, with the intent of giving high end furniture at affordable price.
To respond to every demands and wishes of our clientele. Saint Barth Colony provides personal design service ...

St. Barth ColonyVocabolo Bodoglie, 148/5/T
06059 Todi – (PG)
todi (perugia)
Phone: 075 8987484


san casciano dei bagni (siena)

L'ARTE DEL RESTAURO is a small construction company that was established about 20 years ago by a group of young men. Today it has 4 board members and 3 employees who work with passion and professionalism. In the years since their establishment they have undertaken many renovations including many for well known figures on the Italian cultural scene. In carrying out their work, R.G. Emme pay particular attention to the technical aspects required as well as recreating ancient techniques, knowing that ...

san casciano dei bagni (siena)


trequanda (siena)

To give assistance and advice in legal issues in Italian and English in both court and out of court, for companies or individuals, with a personalized service focused on results.

In this era of globalization, the firm has developed an extensive network in many countries over the years. With these colleagues, we maintain ongoing professional relationships, even without mutual exclusivity, to offer clients a complete service.

Our mission is to provide international standard quality legal services.

Our ...

Pod. Casino della Rosa, 15
trequanda (siena)
Phone: 0577 662281
Fax: 0577 662281


san casciano dei bagni (siena)

iProject: professionalism, availability and efficiency aimed at customer satisfaction.

The studio deals with a multitude of planning and design services. In addition to a whole range of services involving real estate management, construction management, security and health and safety, and real estate accounting management.


Design and interior design (building practices, SCIA, landscape permissions, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, indoor and outdoor furniture, garden design, ...

san casciano dei bagni (siena)
Phone: 0578 50065


montepulciano (siena)

"Electrolux Impianti" have, for more than ten years, been involved in the construction and maintenance of civil and industrial electrical systems.

From its headquarters in Via dei Rossini Sant 'Albino di Montepulciano (Siena), Electrolux systems operate over a large area that includes the provinces of Arezzo, Siena, Perugia, Val di Chiana and Val d'Orcia.

It also carries out ground work to install external lighting systems in private and public areas using small mini excavators and low loaders. ...

montepulciano (siena)
Phone: 0578 799222


tuoro sul trasimeno (perugia)

Paolo Baldoni and his Archivolando studio are partners with the Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, with the idea of providing a good quality service to clients who purchase. I have always been in love with architecture, and as a young man, I was involved in the family construction business, this experience indulged me with aspirations to design buildings which were then built by the construction industry.
Defines himself
|A facilitator of the passage of charm and emotion of which ...

tuoro sul trasimeno (perugia)
Phone: 0758254245

MIGLIORMUTUOCASA.COM is a website that allows you to compare mortgages and, unlike many others sites, it guarantees reliability and accuracy. The socio-economic profiles of the applicants are analyzed in accordance with the bank’s credit policies. All partners who decide to use their banner and link on their own website will receive instant decisions and feedback on client eligibility.

Services cover the following:

- Calculation of the monthly mortgage instalments.

- Identification of the ...


montepulciano (siena)

Although starting out in civil engineering, Stefano Bolici has gradually shifted his focus onto information technology with particular reference to the use of Internet and Intranet, as well as to communication and business promotion. He is thus able to bring together a large range of skills and theories and apply them to important information technology projects across Europe. Stefano Bolici can therefore offer serves in various fields including civil, environmental, industrial and information science.
In ...

Uffici e segreterie
Via Del Poggiolo,20
Torrita di Siena

Via Milano, 53
montepulciano (siena)
Phone: +39 0578 337330
Fax: +39 0578 809080