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“La Quercia Illuminata” farmhouse: an extraordinary record time sale signed Great Estate

Last July, the Great Estate Group closed a sale which could be described as a “flash” one:  “La Quercia Illuminata” farmhouse, sold just five months after its assignment of sale.

Last summer gave another beautiful satisfaction to the group managed by Stefano Petri: the sale of a charming farmhouse near Città Della Pieve, “La Quercia Illuminata”. This property was completely renovated by its ex-owners, some specialists of the architecture and building fields, who imparted all their experience on it.

Inside the farmhouse, the smooth and elegant shades of the parquet and the ceilings, realized
published on 17/04/2019 17:20:38 section News and events
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Home Automation: how to technologically manage your house

More and more often we are hearing about domotics: a field that studies the technologies needed to improve the life quality at home and, more in general, in the buildings. Let’s discover what it is.

“Domotics”: home automatization with systems able to remotely manage your house in real time: from the heating system to the appliances and the security. For example, it is possible to buy some domotic systems that, thanks to a panel, allow you to manage every aspect of your house with/at no excessive costs. Just to mention some of those systems, they are similar to the ones used by the night-vision
published on 17/04/2019 17:16:29 section News and events
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2019 Budget and building activities: tax breaks confirmed

The new Budget law confirms the fiscal bonus introduced with the 2018 budget package.

Good news for those who have decided to do some building renovation, energy efficiency and anti-seismic works, that want to purchase furnishings or upgrade terraces, gardens and green areas. Indeed, it will be possible to keep enjoying the tax deductions already in force since 2018.

In particular, the 50% IRPEF deduction on the building rehabilitation works – from the simple windows changing to the photo-voltaic system installation - has been extended. The deduction can be applied till a maximum expense
published on 17/04/2019 17:11:26 section News and events
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A dream comes true: the interview to Mr. Michael Huber, one of the new owners of “Villa Le Ginestre”

The amazing “Villa le Ginestre” in Ansedonia, Argentario, has been purchased in November, 2018, by two German couples who, in this way, had realized their dream of a lifetime: buying a home in Italy. One of the new owners, Mr. Michael Huber, has kindly answered to some of our questions.

Good morning Mr. Huber and thank you for being here. If we may ask, where do you live and what do you do in your life?

Good morning. I’m a medical doctor and I live in Munich.

Why did you decide to purchase a property in Italy? Did you already know Tuscany and, in particular, Monte Argentario?

I often
published on 17/04/2019 17:07:47 section News and events
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Val d’Orcia: where nature takes your breath away

A mysterious charming landscape, part of the UNESCO World Heritage list, with its hills, ravines and cypresses, constitute the Tuscan countryside of the Val d’Orcia.

Unchanged over ages, this territory tells us about the relationship of reciprocity between humans and nature. Among farmed fields, grazing lands, coloured vineyards, olive groves, beech and chestnut trees, traditional Tuscan farmhouses are immersed into a so huge tranquillity and reachable through some sinuous white roads framed by centuries-old green cypresses.

Five are the municipalities of the Val d’Orcia which, in order to
published on 17/04/2019 17:00:56 section News and events
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How to choose your country estate, our suggestions

We are going to propose you some suggestions to choose your dream country-home.

Purchasing a farmhouse or a prestigious villa in the countryside as your first or holiday home is a really important choice.

So, it is fundamental to address yourself to a qualified agency, able to offer you high quality and modern services. There are no doubts about that: entrust yourself to Great Estate, a group specialized in the luxury real estate sector for about twenty years now. Its team of Italian and international professionals, through a customized consultancy and research service (My Agent), will be
published on 17/04/2019 16:57:56 section News and events
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John Lecutier's experience: his love for Cetona and the choice of Great Estate

Thanks to Great Estate, Mr John Lecutier recently bought a lovely and charming apartment in the historical centre of Cetona. Here he talks about his passion for Italian lifestyle and Tuscany and his experience with Great Estate.

Good Morning,I live in Newark, Nottinghamshire in the UK and I am retired.I have been interested in the Italian way of life for many years, for example opera, food, architecture & wine, so my wife I decided to buy a property in Italy, where to stay and from where to start visiting other parts of the country at our leisure! We have been in Italy many times, mainly in
published on 17/04/2019 16:43:56 section News and events
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Preliminary contract: the Great Estate step by step assistance

GE professionals are able to provide you a complete assistance during the entire purchasing process: the preliminary contract.

The preliminary contact, commonly known as compromise, is the legal transaction through which the owner/seller and the buyer of a property commit themselves juridically, with a binding validity among each other, in writing and under penalty of invalidity, to sell and purchase the above mentioned property.

This has to be done in accordance with the modalities, terms and prices agreed in the contract. By means of the compromise, the parties commit themselves to the
published on 17/04/2019 16:40:40 section News and events
See details Kobrin: our consultant, Chiara Pompili, was AMAZING

We are very proud to share with all our readers the experience of an international couple who, thanks to the team work of Great Estate and Umbria Domus, is currently the new owner of the beautiful “Appartamento Amelia” located in the historical centre of this Umbrian hamlet.

In November 2018, as you probably have already read in our last articles, the GE consultant Chiara Pompili and the Umbria Domus staff, a partner agency of our group, closed the sale of the elegant “Appartamento Amelia”. It has been purchased by Kobrin, a Swiss couple. Kobrin are two loyal customers of
published on 17/04/2019 16:35:29 section News and events
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A really “extra-ordinary” negotiation: Casa Glam

Among the six negotiations closed by Great Estate in January 2019, “Casa Glam”, located in the historic centre of Monteleone D’Orvieto, Umbria, stands too. An experience that, especially for its timing, presents some extraordinary aspects. Ilaria Peparaio and Alice Ceccomoro told us about this amazing professional and personal experience.

Hi Ilaria. First of all, which is the history of your home?

I bought this home a few years ago. I lived in it with my family while we were looking for a country home responding to our daily exigences.

Do you have any story about it to tell us?

published on 17/04/2019 16:32:00 section News and events
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