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published on 12/04/2014 10:02:06 section News and events

David Parish, International Property Consultant for the Marche region, was contacted to introduce a villa with sea views for sale to new clients from Beijing, China. The Great Estate Group’s market is ever expanding, thanks to the increase in new partnerships year on year. One such new partnership within the group is, KIRE, (Konosko International Real Estate) that aims to establish Italian property for sale to the Chinese market.

"David could you tell us how you were introduced to the clients and from which advertising network did they come?

The clients came through the Headquarters of the Great Estate Group of San Casciano dei Bagni, Siena, through the lawyer, to view Villa Paola in the Marche. They wanted to bring with them a trusted interpreter from Florence to communicate directly in Chinese without using intermediary languages such as English.

"Where are the clients from? Do they come from the inland areas or a big city?

The clients are Chinese, so there wasn’t much time to learn who they were and what they did in China. We were focused on the villa, and what it had to offer; amenities, comfort and convenience. But they were clients from KIRE so we knew they were from Beijing.

"How did you remain in contact with the Chinese clients? and what type of contact was it? e-mail/Tel./Skype/other?

Contact was primarily over the phone and through the KIRE Turin office which is the home of Konosko in Shanghai and was always in Italian. The Shanghai office has Italian agents operating in China that have maintained Chinese communications and customer relations.

"The co-ordination between the Chinese-Italian agencies - KIRE and The Great Estate Group -, how was that?

Konosko based in Turin, as I mentioned earlier, had been in contact with the Headquarters of the Great Estate Group and they in turn contacted us, at the Cupa Marittima office of the Great Estate Group. We welcomed the clients to view every part of the property.

"Are clients interested in one or many properties? Did they consider different types of property such as - farmhouses, villas, castles - or had they already made their choice?

If I had the opportunity to see other properties of this type and quality, I would have been interested in viewing them. With regards to Villa Paola, the clients were completely satisfied. They were particularly delighted to discover that the panoramic views as depicted in the publicity photographs were true to form.

"So they were pleased?

Yes, the photos on the website show the property in full as well as the surrounding landscape, with its panoramic sea views that characterize San Benedetto del Tronto.

"Why do you think they chose this type of property? They’ve never been to Italy before, or to view other properties?

They were interested in this property for its style. It seemed as if they were fascinated by the photos they had seen and of the property’s contemporary style: what interested them was Villa Paola’s design and contemporary style that set it apart.

I took them to visit the neighbouring medieval town located in the hills, to show them the local culture and the main amenities offered in the area, from supermarkets to restaurants and cafes.

"For the Chinese market in particular, what is it like working with the Great Estate Group’s partner, Kire estate agency?

Great, I have found the Turin and Shanghai offices perfectly fine. They are professional and there have been no problems.

"Is it difficult to present an Italian property to non European buyers in a culture and tradition very different to our own?

One thing that struck me was their particular interest on practical matters concerning the workings of the villa. They asked me to show them how to work the electrical system, the gas, meters and so on.

I showed them how the garden irrigation system worked, which has been particularly well kept. Villa Paola’s current owner has paid particular attention to detail, in the garden, sauna and construction materials that the Chinese clients very much appreciated.

"What are your feelings and/or perceptions on the negotiations and the clients?

I think we are progressing well; the clients are satisfied with the villa and the amenities that the area offers its residents. They appreciated the villa’s international style and design, the panoramic sea view, swimming pool and the Italian designed modern interior.

"What are your impressions of negotiations with Chinese clients?

Clients will be tough clients in negotiations, in other countries, the purchase of a property is through strict negotiations and apparently the Chinese are no different, the negotiations could be difficult.

They told me that they would have consulted with the Kire office in Shanghai and they made their offer on Villa Paola, which was of interest to them.

"What will you be doing next?

One important thing is to be able to understand the value of the property, and in the case of Villa Paola, to enter into fair negotiations and of the market. With clients who do not know our culture or the market value of a contemporary property, it could be most complex, but let's move on.

I am also helping with their residence permits and associated procedures of the property’s purchase.
For non European clients, the purchase of a property in Europe can have very different procedures to the ones they are accustomed to. We, at the Great Estate Group, along with KIRE (Konosko International Real Estate), advise and guide clients on every step of the way; before, during and after the contract of sale.

Edited by Riccardo Magini and translated by Tanya Pia Starrett

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